In response to the recent death of professional game hunter, Ian Gibson, in Zimbabwe....

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The death of any living being is justification for pause and contemplation – ANY living being, whether that life be insect, tree, human, or otherwise. The death of this game hunter is no exception and condolences and compassion must be expressed to his family, his friends, and his community in general.

The question which has been posed, then, concerns the irony of this event and others which occur and have occurred under similar circumstances. Who (or what) is to blame – if, of course, we are seeking to accuse or denounce?

I think that in order to continue the conversation, we must first establish and agree that failure to live in harmony with other living beings is acceptable. We must acknowledge that killing other animate creatures for reasons other than for food is decent and respectable behavior. We must accede to the fact that hanging the stuffed trophy head of a magnificent, noble entity on our living room wall is a behavior befitting us as members of the species known as “modern humans”. We must also agree that we will not use excuses like, “killing to feed the poor local people” or “the giraffe was old and lonely” to manipulate the less educated and to justify our actions.

Because if we cannot acknowledge and agree with the preceding edicts, why, then, was this game hunter guiding someone to kill this elephant?

Now that we have established the acceptability and decency of war against any dynamic existence – and clearly we have done that, even against our own species! – surely we should level the playing field..? After all, we deign to call this pastime: SPORT. Is it not “sporting”, then, to use only ‘weapons’ provided naturally and in the due course of evolution? Surely the use of technologies unavailable to our ‘opponents’ does not lend itself to candid and honorable warfare.? And if we can accept this, too, as a parameter in an ‘ethical’ war, we must abolish the use of artificial weaponry – including the rifles which were intended to kill the hunted elephant.

I don’t believe that it is really necessary to proceed with this disgusting satire. The fact of the matter is that Planet Earth is moving toward the sixth mass extinction in its history. And this mass extinction is being CAUSED by modern humans. This is not a speculation; it is not a theory. This is a FACT. The hunting of the elephant noted in the referenced article, and the resulting death of the hunting guide, are actually a very tiny story (a microcosm) of a much, much bigger picture. The true question is, “Is it even possible to halt the tsunami of annihilation of which WE (humans) are the perpetrators?!”



Kathy Phinney

C.E.O Breakdown Safaris